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For music lessons, first decide if you want individual or group lessons.  Individual lessons are for any age, while group lessons are most effective with younger, beginning students.  Individual lessons can be scheduled for a weekly 30, 45 or 60 minute lesson, while the group lessons are all 60 minutes.  Individual lessons offer more openings to choose from, while the group lessons are offered at specific times. There are benefits with both types: Individual lessons allow the teacher to custom fit and personalize the lessons to the changing needs of the student, while group lessons offer a social dynamic and allows the teacher to conduct activities and games in a group setting.  This is why group lessons are most effective with younger students, since most of the learning that young students do in school is in a group setting. Other than these broad differences, we feel is is best if the parent or student decides which best suits their learning style. 

Once you decide on individual or group lessons, you can decide if you want to add our weekly 30 minute music lab class.  This can be scheduled either before or after the lesson.  Our music lab is set up with a computer and headphones station for each student, and uses the games and activities on our computers to teach the aspects of music such as terms, note names, rhythms, scales etc.  This is for beginning to advanced students, so just as in the subjects in school, the topics and skills build upon the previous skill.  Students that take the music lab typically have more time in their music lesson for performance aspects since they are learning the music theory concepts in the music lab, and don't have to be taught those skills in their music lesson. 

Please call 850-412-0102, option 1 to speak to the owners, Ruth and David Mason, with further help or questions.  They are available to answer your questions Monday-Saturday 8:00am-8:00pm.

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